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California Dreamin’


Hey there, fellow traveler! We know you. Yes, you! The daydreamer who wants to see the world. In between travel plans, you find yourself living vicariously through travel magazines and an ever growing bucket list. Pulled between your day-to-day responsibilities and dreams of distant voyages you wonder if there will ever be the time, place, and money to do it all. How do we know? We are one in the same.

Recently, the window of opportunity of a lifetime has opened for us, and we are taking full advantage of it. Sounds glamorous, right? “Window of opportunity”. Well, let’s just say that at first I didn’t see it that way. When our apartment rate went up through the roof, Alex and mine’s plans of saving up for a house and still afford traveling started to shrink. The answer seemed simple: work harder, make more money, sacrifice, and in the end it will all pay off. We’ll have a house in Orange County and we’ll finally be free… until we start paying a mortgage. *Breathes into a paper bag* There was a set list of rules in my mind telling me that after being married for almost five years, being done with school, and getting a good job, we were supposed to buy a home and start a family. Waaaaaait a second, where did that list even come from? I still think it’s an amazing list, I have so many hopes bundled up in those few words. The only problem is that we didn’t add our own spice to it. Without even realizing it, we were following a script. We forgot to dream.

Dreaming has always been an important aspect of our relationship. If you could have any job, what would it be? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you if you won the lottery? If you could launch any non-profit, what would it do? The point of dreaming isn’t always to set standards and complete them; those are goals. When we dream reality meets fantasy, and our brains finally get the fresh air it needs.

“What kind of life do we want to build together?” is a big question we often ask each other; it’s been a popular one in the past month and a half as we have been cooking up this plan. Our decision to move out of the OC and live on the road was a bittersweet one, made over copious amounts of donuts, tears, and prayers. We love our friends, family, and so many aspects of life in Southern California. Leaving wasn’t a choice made out of the need to escape, we are running towards a new chapter together. One where we do find our “forever home” and start a family. One where work-life balance is a little more achievable. One where for the next few months we taste, see, and experience new places together.

Alex will be having normal work days, but instead of being in an office, he will be working from home or local coffee shops. Tech chique geek by day, mountain biker extraordinaire and beer enthusiast by night. I, on the other hand, quit my dream job for a new dream, and even though I miss my preschoolers and coworkers, I know that later in life I can always pick it back up. For now, we’ll be soaking up every last drop of this road trip season. It’s not forever, just until the next dream comes along.

Dream on,

Xoxo Camille

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