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Bend’s Best Tea & Coffee

Downtown Bend smells like fresh mountain air and good coffee. No joke! If you’re walking through the artsy blocks of this city you’re bound to run into more coffee shops than you imagined you’d find. If you’re not a coffee drinker, stick around. We’re also covering a delicious tea shop.

crow's common collage 1

Crow’s Feet Common-

This coffee shop is so picturesque! It’s nestled in a wooded area right in front of the river and walking distance to Mirror Pond. There are seating areas that face the city as well as others that face the water. Once you walk in, you’ll be transported to a bike lover’s dream — someone had a lot of fun designing this place. Biking memorabilia fill the walls, and there’s even a ski-lift chair installed for your sipping enjoyment.  It’s a common sight to see bikers coming in from a long day’s ride and sipping on beer. You heard that right, they serve beer here. I could see my husband living in this shop if we stayed any longer. If you’re walking through, come in and see all the paintings made from coffee and beer; they’re beautifully done. Also, stop by next door at Crow’s Feet Common bike shop for all your two-wheeled needs.

La Magie-

If you like baked desserts with your warm drink, La Magie has got it all. A friend and I were craving a girly treat, and this place did not let us down. When you first walk in, you’ll run straight into the delicious display of pastries. I remember barely making eye contact with the worker helping us because I couldn’t stop staring at the goodies in front of me. Get. In. My. Belly. I got a chocolate-something that had flecks of gold glitter on top. Yum! The lounge is a unique blend of woodsy and feminine that stayed true to Bend’s style. We absolutely loved how there were fresh-cut flowers and silky couches right next to a wooden wall. From what I hear, this is also an excellent breakfast/brunch place.

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Townshend’s Tea House-

If coffee isn’t your thing, you might be spending a lot of time at Townshend’s. I spent many afternoons here editing photos and sipping on Black Tea Peppermint Lattes. The menu separates teas by leaves to make your search easier. I have never seen so many types of Chai before! Try out their Pumpkin Chai as a latte, it’s really good. If the descriptions on the menu aren’t enough to help you decide, you can go to their tea wall and smell the small glass containers in the cubbies. Their tea-connoisseurs are really friendly and approachable. There were a few times when I told them I wanted to try something new and after asking me a few questions to learn about my preferences they found the perfect match!  Looking for a different drink? They also serve bubble tea and their very own kombuchas!

Thump Coffee-

Walking into Thump made me want to spend the afternoon there reading books having nothing but coffee and the tasty gelato from the place right across the street. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in (other than the smell of coffee nirvana) is the collection of wooden rectangles hanging from the ceiling. Thump provides these pieces of woods and markers for costumers to write wishes, and hang them all over the shop. Isn’t that cool? I spied a few that made me laugh — like ones about wishing for their Hogwarts letters – but there were also some really sweet heart-felt ones. The most common wish I saw was “I wish I still lived in Bend”. I’ve never lived there, but I too wish I lived in Bend. Every time I came into Thump there was a long line and barely any seating left. If this doesn’t speak volumes for their coffee I don’t know what does.

Looney Bean collage

The Looney Bean-

This coffee shop used to be a house, which means all the sitting rooms are a little more private than your normal open-floorplan shop. Most people come here for the outdoor seating though. The water-front backyard area is filled with lounging chairs, picnic tables, and even a fun bean-toss game, all directly in front of the river. It’s really beautiful and spacious while still feeling private. Dogs are welcomed in the patio, as long as they’re not mean, otherwise they get thrown into the river. Just kidding about that last part.

Dough Nut-

Last but not least, a doughnut shop that makes me swoon. What kind of cruel person would I be if I told you all about the best coffee in town without telling you where to get the perfect doughnut to Have with it? Come here early while the doughnuts are still fresh. It’s less than a 10 minute drive from downtown! I got a s’mores and a chai doughnut, and they were both finger-licking good. If you’re gluten-free like my husband, they also have a few overly-priced traditional gf options, so make sure you reeeeeally want it.

Have you been to Bend? What’s your favorite shop that I might have missed? We’re always looking for new suggestions, especially when it comes to food.

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