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Red Butte Gardens | SLC

Oh, Monday, please be kind to us today. Do you ever start your week feeling like you need a weekend after your weekend? We have driven a total of 20 hours in the last two days, and today is going to be another (at least) 6 hour-drive day. I’m currently in a coffee shop for an hour while Alex takes an important work call from our car. Our over-packed, muddy, has-anyone-seen-that-apricot-bar-I-dropped-yesterday car. Sigh. The glamorous traveling life.

In case anyone else just finished a hectic weekend, I wanted to share some pictures I took back in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. It had been a busy week, and I needed somewhere quiet and green, somewhere I could hear my own thoughts, take a deep breath, and eat a bar of chocolate without having to share. Don’t judge 😉

Have you ever traveled somewhere and thought, “I wish ___ was here, they’d love this place”? That’s how I felt when I visited Red Butte Gardens. Walking through the lush gardens made me miss my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. As I sat on the benches under the swaying branches, I imagined how much they’d like to take a break from work schedule, child-rearing, and house cleaning to join me. So today I’m dedicating this post to these 3 wonderful women in my life. I learn so much from you 3, and I’m so thankful I get to call you family. I love you, and I’ll be seeing you soon. Maybe not underneath a swaying tree in Red Butte Gardens, but hopefully just as relaxing.

Here’s to us, Monday survivors; over-caffeinated and pushing through.

Until next time,



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